What is Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes is a desktop application that incorporates various components such as email, calendar, address book, web server, database and programming for its proper functioning. Lotus Notes provide users with an option away from other applications suites such as Microsoft office that has split pieces of functionality. Taking the example of Microsoft office, the application suite separates products into Outlook, Excel, and Access amongst others. This can cause inconvenience to the user. However, Lotus Notes seeks to do away with this problem by including its entire components using a single front-end.


What is Lotus Notes for?

For many users, Lotus Notes is an email system. However, this does not mean that e-mailing is Lotus Notes biggest strength, but it is one aspect that most people use. Lotus Notes have several other components (even though they are not as popular as emails) that include calendaring and scheduling.


Things that you Should Know About Lotus Notes


Many people still have a problem with understanding how Lotus Notes work. This is very understandable keeping in mind the concept entails some technical aspects. However, the concept does not have to be as hard if you have the following facts in mind:


  1. There is more to Lotus Notes than Emailing


With nearly the entire globe prioritizing the use of email as a corporate communication tool, we can understand why so many people think that Note is all about emails. Sometimes this has led to debate as to which is better between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. Coming to think of it logically, the comparison is very unreasonable and irrelevant. This is because there are many other things that you can do with Lotus Notes and possibly save some money while at it. For instance, you can use Notes to create and process documents, or you can create a utility application such as an expense reporting application.

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2.Lotus Notes is Very Powerful


Every organization should avoid getting too close to a single vendor or technology as that can lead to limitations in the future. In that case, building applications using Lotus Notes is a good idea because the platforms allow for diversity. For instance, its standard technologies include JavaScript, HTML, and LotusScript. All these technical aspects are always up to speed with the demands of the market, therefore, putting any organization in a good technological position.


3.Lotus Notes has a Long History


Today, you can go backward to 1989 when the first version of Lotus Notes was first developed. What is more is that you can use the first version to run it on the current Notes 8 without any problems because they are compatible. This shows that the platform is not only loyal to the system, but it is also invaluable. Using the platform assures you of safety.


Other facts to note about Lotus notes include the fact that you can build Note’s applications for both Notes Clients and web browsers. Even though Notes dates back to a long time ago, it is not “dead.”




Lotus Notes is a desktop application that provides users with various services with chief amongst them being emailing services. Other services that the platform offers include calendaring, database and programming.